Schedule your awning cleaning in Germantown, MD

Milestone Restoration provides awning, canopy and tent cleaning solutions. We use specially developed products to safely clean all the materials used in awning manufacture and gazebos.
Our green products contain special biocides, which kill mould and algae, preventing their growth for the whole season. Our trained technicians will do whatever it takes to remove atmospheric fallout, tree sugar sap, bird droppings, general dirt and grime.

Your service will include:
  • Soaping & brushing of top of all awnings
  • Heavy rinsing
  • Rinsing sidewalk after service

For an extra charge:

  • Complete window cleaning
  • Sign cleaning
  • Soaping & brushing of underside

A simple rinse, whether by a hose or Mother Nature, can’t remove all the dirt and build up on your awnings caused by everyday pollution. In reality, because of the condition of our environment, rain water can actually have an acidic affect on the fabric, trapping the dirt and grime, and eating away at the threads holding your awnings together.

Keeping up with a regular cleaning schedule can add years to your awnings. We recommend:

  • Businesses in high traffic areas - cleaning every second month
  • Average commercial building - cleaning every four months
  • Residential customers - two times per year or annually cleaning