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Enjoy the Shade Without Worrying About Dirt and Grime

Call us for awning cleaning services in the Washington, DC area

Do your awnings have mold growing on them? Are they covered in bird droppings or tree sap? The cleaning crew at Milestone Restoration can clean your awnings, canopies and tents. We serve residential and commercial clients in the Washington, DC area.

Our eco-friendly cleaning products contain special biocides, which help to kill mold and algae. We'll make sure your overhead surfaces are clean and free of harmful bacteria. Discuss the benefits of awning cleaning services with one of our professionals now.

Hire Milestone Restoration to clean your awnings regularly

If you're a homeowner, your awnings should be cleaned at least twice a year. It's recommended that business owners schedule awning cleaning every other month, or at least once every four months. If it's time to clean your awnings, give Milestone Restoration a call. Our cleaning crew will:

  • Remove tree sap, bird droppings, airborne contaminants, mold and mildew
  • Use specially designed cleaning products so as not to damage your awnings
  • Brush surfaces thoroughly and rinse away soap suds to leave your surfaces contaminant-free

Arrange for awning cleaning services in the Washington, DC area today.

Before Cleaning

water damage restoration germantown md

After Cleaning