Is the State of Your Home in Deep Water?

Is the State of Your Home in Deep Water?

Water damage restoration in Germantown, Maryland

Rising water can go from being a small concern to a devastating issue in just a matter of minutes. If your home or office has seen damage due to a water issue, it’s time to call a remediation specialist.

Milestone Restoration is proud to offer extensive water damage restoration services for home and business owners in Germantown, Maryland. For years, our specialists have given our all to give our customers a complete restoration of their home. Whether you’re dealing with a busted bathroom pipe or a flooded basement, you can count on our crew to take care of the restoration.

Prompt services to prevent more damage

Heavy water damage should be addressed immediately. If left for too long, other problems can occur like mold growth and fungi contamination.

With our 24/7 emergency service, you can count on us for remediation day or night. From extracting excess water and restoring furniture to reconstructing and replacing walls, we’ll be there to do it all. Get a free estimate from our specialists right now at 240-686-0994.