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Sewage Problems Stink But our Services Don't

Look into sewage cleanup services in Germantown, MD or Washington, D.C.

When your toilet overflows or your bathtub drain clogs, hire a professional to clean up the mess right away. The crew at Milestone Restoration offers sewage restoration and sewage cleanup services for homeowners and business owners in Germantown, MD and Washington, D.C. You can trust us to clean up any damage and restore your home to its original glory.

Learn more about our sewage restoration and cleanup services now by calling our team.

Don't let a messy situation affect your health

Raw sewage contains millions of bacteria and poses a risk of infection to anyone who comes into contact with the contaminants. Milestone Restoration will check your residential or commercial property for:
  • Gas hazards - Carbon dioxide, methane and chlorine cause disorientation and a variety of illnesses.
  • Septic system leaks - Leaks allow pathogens to be released into the air, which can contaminate your airflow and food.
  • Damaged pipes - Harmful chemicals are circulating in drain pipes and could be released in the air.
The sewage cleaning crew will make sure your home or business is sanitized and safe. Reach out to Milestone Restoration today to schedule sewage cleanup services in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C.